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The life story of NatashaSPAce, today’s Natashaspace Mediesthetic, began in the eyes of a little girl who was immensely attracted to the flawless complexion of porcelain dolls. Even today, as I write this, the passion is only growing. 

My journey from high school to pharmacy and healthcare continued in the direction of cosmetics. In the following years I have continued my education both at home and abroad.

I have 27 years of skin care experience and looking forward to everything ahead of us!

I have established NatashaSPAce in 2000 as Home to Relaxation and Beauty Rituals. A lot has changed since then.
This year we are entering the 20th year of life and during this time our program and vision have been constantly changing and updating. 

Today, the NatashaSPAce team consists of a mediesthetic specialist and three graduate beauticians, whose skills complement each other perfectly.

In the last 5 years, I have gradually completely switched to facial and body rejuvenation. Skin transformation. Solving challenges. Problems such as aging skin, wrinkles, loss of firmness, photo-damage, acne prone skin, improvement and relief of conditions such as redness and rosacea, dry skin problems and all problems in general. The goal of my five pillars of work is rejuvenation at all levels.

And so NatashaSPAce Mediesthetic was born, the first salon with this name & nbsp; and its own dermadiagnostic device in Slovenia.

The common denominator of our offer is visible results and visible changes.

My work with you, constant education and research, in which I invest a lot of time and has been my great passion since forever, is focused on up-to-date approaches in skin care, cosmetic therapy, developing new treatments and combinations, a distinctly individual approach to your problems, dermadiagnostics, antiage nutrition and nutritional supplements as support therapies.

I see the future of care in individual beauty plans that are created just for you and thus allow for maximum results and visible changes. I see the future of care in Evidence Based Practice, where the condition of the skin can be monitored during therapies with measurements.

In practice, where after the therapies the results are measured, proven, explained. We direct you to further proper care and further maintenance of results at home.

Beauty has countless faces. Each of us has our own criteria, each eye stops at a different beauty. However, we all have something in common. When we see a flawless, immaculate, beautiful baby complexion, full of radiance and energy…. this timeless beauty inadvertently moves us again and again.

My challenge and my passion is to improve the look of your skin. Transformation. Rejuvenation. Shiny, fresh, well-groomed skin in which you will feel great. The dimensions of natural rejuvenation are infinite.

And this is my calling.

Nurture your skin with respect, love and quality. And it will pay off.

Shiny greetings,



Available per agreement.

We can be reached on our phone from 9 am to 8 pm. In the event that we are busy with work we return the call as soon as we are available.

For all your wishes, information and appointment reservations, call us on our phone + 386 40 518 669.



NatashaSPAce Mediesthetic


naselje Bežigrajski dvor
Peričeva 17
1000 Ljubljana

T: + 386 40 518 669

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